Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link is a strong and durable product that is maintenance-free and is a cost effective way to protect your home. Chain link fencing can provide years of maintenance free and long lasting protection. If you are looking to stand out or blend in, be it in white, taupe, green, brown or black; our vinyl chain link are sure to compliment your landscape. Strength, corrosion-resistance, long life – that is what customers want in a chain link fence.

The steel components of this fence are coated with zinc, to ensure longevity.  The caps, rail ends and line tops are made from die-cast aluminum, including the ties that connect the chain link to the framework.

The components for this type of chain link are the same as the galvanized version; however, the actual mesh (chain link) is coated with vinyl polyester.  It comes in black, brown, green and white, and provides an attractive appearance.

For a complete change of appearance, you can choose a painted fence. It begins with the original galvanized fencing, and from there, the chain link (mesh) is coated in the vinyl polyester. All other components are powder coated, to enhance durability and appeal to your fence and property.

Residential chainlink fence comes in many different styles and colours:

2″ mesh x 9 gauge brown vinyl

2″ mesh x 9 gauge white vinyl

2″ mesh x 11 gauge galvanized

1 1/2″ mesh x 11 gauge green vinyl

1 1/2″ mesh x 9 gauge black vinyl

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